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Raja Krishnamourthi

US Congressman 8th District


Committee Assignments:

  • Oversight and Reform

  • Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

  • Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy

Accomplishments This Term

In this legislative session, the congressman has sponsored legislation focused on helping working families in Illinois' 8th District and across the country. This legislation focuses on lowering prescription drug prices, ensuring fairness for immigrants applying for green cards, and holding corporations, such as Equifax and Juul, accountable to consumers. At the same time,he has used his position on the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees to hold the Trump Administration accountable through investigation and oversight. 

Sean Casten

US Congressman 6th District


Committee Assignments:

  • Financial Services. 

  • Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

  • Subcommittee: Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, Capital Markets 

  • Science, Space, and Technology

  • Subcommittee on Energy and Environment 

Select Committee on the Climate 

Accomplishments This Term

The congressman is serving as a freshman in the 116th Congress and is the first Democrat to represent the 6th District in nearly 50 years. He is committed to fighting against the destructive policies of the Trump administration and building a brighter, more sustainable future. Since taking office, he has introduced and co-sponsored legislation in support of clean energy, women’s rights, protections for seniors and universal health care.

Senator Suzy Glowiak

24th District


Committee assignments:

  • Appropriations II

  • Committee of the Whole

  • Education

  • Energy and Public Utilities

  • Insurance

  • Labor (Vice-Chairperson)

  • Local Government

  • Sub. on Utility Rate Regulations.

Accomplishments This Term

Senator Glowiak has held 4 town halls and 2 senior fairs. She sponsored legislation, signed by the governor, creating the Youth Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee. This subcommittee, under the Governor’s Cabinet on Children, will make recommendations about policies and procedures for agencies that handle youth leaving state custody. 

She also sponsored legislation regarding the reporting of data breaches; and legislation to help identify and stop human trafficking by requiring a training program for hotel and motel employees so they can recognize and stop this criminal activity. She was appointed to the Governor’s Property Tax Task Force to study property taxation issues.  

Senator Laura Ellman

21st District

Committee assignments:

  • Agriculture

  • Appropriations I

  • Committee of the Whole

  • Energy and Public Utilities

  • Government Accountability/Pensions

  • Higher Education (Vice-Chairperson)

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Subcommittee on Special Issues (EP)

  • Audit Subcommittee.


Accomplishments This Term

In addition to passing a budget that confirmed Senator Ellman’s  commitment to fiscal responsibility and prioritizing education, she led two bills that help businesses greater access to skilled workforce: a new scholarship program for non-traditional students pursuing vocational training, and also  a grant program to allow for the funding of apprenticeships at each of the state’s 48 community colleges. 

Senator Ellman also sponsored a bill to repeal the Kyoto Protocol Act of 1998, which was an attempt to prevent Illinois from proposing rules to reduce the effects of climate change. With the repeal of this legislation, we are demonstrating our readiness to address the problems posed by climate change. 

Senator Thomas Cullerton

 23rd District


Committee assignments:

  • Committee of the Whole

  • Energy and Public Utilities

  • Insurance

  • Labor (Chairperson)

  • State Government

  • Transportation

  • Veterans Affairs (Vice-Chairperson)

  • Utility Rate Regulations (Chairperson)

Accomplishments This Term

Senator Cullerton is currently serving his 3rd term and has pushed for better environmental regulations, stronger healthcare for the people of Illinois, standing up for a women’s right to choose, ensuring equality, maximizing our local tax dollars through consolidation and efficiency, standing up for our veterans and their struggles with PTSD as well as having a 98% lifetime voting record with the AFL-CIO helping protect our middle class working men and women.

State Rep Terra Costa Howard

48th District

Committee assignments:

  • Cities & Villages

  • Elem Sec Ed: School Curriculum Policies

  • Judiciary Civil - Family Law Subcommittee

  • Constitutional Law Subcommittee

  • Mental Health

  • Transportation: Regulation, Roads

  • Veterans' Affairs.


Accomplishments This Term

Representative Costa Howard states “We got a lot done this year”. She is proud that she strengthened legal protections for victims of domestic violence. She also led the fight to close a loophole in our tax laws, to make sure that all of our local businesses pay their fair share of the property tax burden. She also stated, “Looking forward, I’m going to keep working hard to make sure your commonsense voices are heard in Springfield”.  

State Rep Deb Conroy
46th District

Committee assignments:

  • Mental Health (Chairperson)

  • Appropriations-Capital

  • Elem Sec Ed: School Curriculum Policies

  • Insurance

  • Financial Institutions

       Special Issues                        Subcommittee (ES)                Cities & Villages

  • Economic Development

  • Higher Education

  • Museums, Arts, & Cultural Enhancement

  • Tourism & Conventions


Accomplishments This Term

In 2019 a bipartisan balanced budget was passed and one billion dollars in back bills were paid. As the Chair of the Mental Health Committee Rep Conroy secured 45 million dollars for ABA therapy for autism, increased rates for early intervention for children (birth to 3) and secured a 30 percent increase in mental health and addiction treatment fund.

Jean Kaczmarek

DuPage County clerk

The County Clerk is the:

  • Clerk of the DuPage County Board

  • Secretary of the Emergency Telephone System Board

  • Secretary of the Liquor Control Commission

  • The Clerk attends all meetings, keeps a record of the proceedings and attest to all ordinances and resolutions

  • The Clerk warrants the County Treasurer to pay all county bills

  • The County Clerk issues licenses: marriage, civil union, business, liquor, raffle, tobacco, amusement device and notary public; furnishes copies of birth, death, marriage and civil union certificates; files and records economic interest statements of all officials in DuPage County. 

  • The County Clerk plays a vital role in the taxation process by compiling the up-to-date list of all county parcels of property for tax assessment, calculates the amount of tax for each parcel and certifies those amounts to the Treasurer for collection.

Accomplishments This Term

  • Successfully administered the consolidation of the DuPage County Election Commission into the DuPage County Clerk's office during the middle of an election cycle and after just six weeks after taking office, withoutlead time, an implementation plan and any additional funding.

  • Initiated "The Judi Project" to have DuPage County's historic records scanned and microfilmed by the Illinois State Archives, then transferred to the Illinois Regional Archives Depository at Northern Illinois University -- all at no cost to the county.

  • Oversaw a complete voter verification of the registration database for the first time in years; complete voter verifications are mandated by state and federal law.

Candice Adams

Clerk of the Court

Mary Fitzgerald Ozog

County Board District 4

The Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Accomplishments This Term

County Committees:

  • Intergovernmental Committee - Chair

  • Technology Committee - Vice Chair

  • Community Development Commission

  • Development Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Public Works Committee

  • Stormwater Committee

Accomplishments This Term

  • Answered and solved constituent issues regarding County departments.

  • Worked with the DuPage County Transportation Department to repair parts of the Prairie Path after the past rough winter.

  • Passed a Responsible Bidder Ordinance.

  • Signed onto a letter with 5 of my other Democratic Board Members supporting the Illinois Reproductive Health Bill (outside of county business.)

  • Passed a resolution supporting a capital spending program.

  • I led opposition to the Chairman’s choice for the RTA Board, citing his business conflicts with Metra and PACE and the appearance of a pay to play situation due to contributions by the appointee to the Chairman’s political fund

  • I’ve also toured many county offices (storm water facilities, transportation, health, the clerk’s office, the sheriff’s office) to learn as much as possible about how the county operates these first months.

Sheila Rutledge

County Board, District 6

County Committees:

  • Intergovernmental Committee

  • Technology Committee 

  • Community Development Commission - Chair

  • Development Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Economic Development

  • Animal Services

Accomplishments This Term

  • As a newly elected County Board member I am proud to be part of the “Complete Count Census” committee.  It is very important that we count EVERYBODY in our community and this committee is ahead of the curve regarding the census.

  • I have asked the county to look into the amount of money we spend cutting grass.  (300K last year!)  I believe we are wasting resources, polluting our air and shortchanging pollinators.  Currently our Storm Water management is looking at sustainable substitutions for turf.

  • I am continuing to work on my campaign issue of building a tiny house village.  I am looking to work with the Sheriff in a bi-partisan effort to offer housing for low level offenders, released after work training, to be able to continue on their road to becoming contributing members of our community.

Dan Hebreard

President, Forest Preserve

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County's mission is "to acquire and hold lands containing forests, prairies, wetlands and associated plant communities or lands capable of being restored to such natural conditions for the purpose of protecting and preserving the flora,fauna and scenic beauty for the education, pleasure and recreation of its citizens”.  Dan is committed to bringing updated facilities, connecting more trails,and adding solar to many locations

Accomplishments This Term

  • Passed first large solar project in several years, adding solar to the golf course clubhouse project

  • Saved taxpayers $46,000 in 2019 from refusing benefits ($21k/ year) and eliminating wasteful "Presidential Assistant" contracted position ($25 k/ year)- will add up to $184,000 for FOUR year term

  • Working to pass solar project at Willowbrook Wildlife Center that would include generous $25,000 private donation (would cover 37% of total Forest Preserve costs)

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