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Consolidated Election Unofficial Results

Important: The races listed below are only the contested races where there are more candidates than open seats. 


Wheaton City Councilman At-Large

Vote for 2:

Erica Bray-Parker (incumbent)   WON

Frank Hudetz


CUSD 200 

Two-year term, Vote for 1:

John Rutledge  WON

Four-year term, Vote for 3:

Julie Kulovits (Incumbent)   WON

Dave Long (Incumbent)   WON

Anjali Bharadwa

Erik Hjerpe   WON


Glen Ellyn

District 41

Vote for 3:

Jessica Buttimer   WON

Julie Hill   WON

Ted Estes   WON

District 89

Vote for 3:

Yannick Koger   WON

Jessica McGee   WON

Scott Pope   WON


District 87

Two-year term, Vote for 1

Margaret DeLaRosa   WON

Four-year term, Vote for 3

James Shannon Facebook/Dr. James Shannon   WON

Martha Mueller    WON

Jessica Breede

Hetal Lee Facebook/Hetal Lee   WON

Keyanna Kincade


Lombard Library Board

Ginger Kearney   WON


County Wide

COD Board of Trustees

Vote for 2

Haroon Atcha



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