Democratic Party of Milton Township

Monthly Meeting

May 26, 2022

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 pm by Jessica Hierbaum, Chair


We convened as an in person meeting at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society,


Other Officers in Attendance:  James Rospond, Treasurer; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer,  Wyatt Merritt, Outreach Officer; and Steve Siemer, Secretary.


Quote: Jessica opened the meeting with a video of Steve Kerr, Coach of the Golden State Warriors, Giving A Passionate Plea For Gun Control After Mass Shooting At Texas Elementary School


Welcome: Jessica welcomed all and invited anyone new to introduce themselves.  

Steve Delarosa from York Township introduced himself. 


Approval of April Minutes: Dennis Terdy moved and Judy Pitts seconded the motion to approve the April Minutes without reading as they are available on the DPMT Website. The minutes were approved. 


Treasurer’s Report: James Rospond, Treasurer

April, 2022 - for the month total receipts were $233.00. Total disbursements were $1,029.75 making the end of the month balance $5,472.49. Details are on the DPMT site.         

Paid membership currently stands at 104 active members. 

Additional details can be found in the Treasurers. Report.


Memberships are $25 per year ($20 for members of the DuPage Democratic Party) or $45 for two years:  


New Business - None


Operations Update - Dennis Terdy     

Dennis announced the launch of our new YouTube channel. He encouraged all to check out the channel and view candidates' videos. He stressed how important it is and encouraged all of  us to subscribe to, share and like the channel. 


Speakers - Candidate Forum


US Representative Sean Casten – running for re-election, 6th District

Alderman Gil Villegas – candidate for US House, 3rd District

David Moore – candidate for IL Secretary of State

IL Senator Laura Ellman – running for re-election, District 21

IL Representative Terra Costa Howard – running for re-election, District 42

Diane Blair-Sherlock – candidate for IL House, District 46

Mary Kay O’Brien – candidate for IL Supreme Court

Jill Otte – candidate for Judge, 18th Circuit Court

James Murphy - candidate for Appellate Judge

County Board Member Mary Ozog – running for re-election, District 4

County Board Member Sheila Rutledge – running for re-election, District 6


Our next Milton Township Democratic Party meeting will be on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 at 7:30pm at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society, 800 N. Main St. in Glen Ellyn.

Check out our candidate videos!

Join the Democratic Party of Milton Township.  Annual dues $25 ($20 for members of the DuPage Democratic Party. Join at


Adjournment: Mike Nachman  moved and Joe Fortunato seconded the motion to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Submitted by Steve Siemer, Secretary