Democratic Party of Milton Townhip

Monthly Meeting

Thursday April 22, 2021

Meeting Called to Order at 7:31 pm by Jessica Hierbaum, Chair. 


We convened as a Zoom meeting due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


Other Officers on the call:  James Rospond, Treasurer; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer, Garry Tomlinson and Marian Tomlinson, Larry Pitts,  Wyatt Merrit, Outreach Officer; and Nancy Hopkins, Secretary.


Quote: Jessica opened with this quote from the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. 


“If your response to the death of a 20-year-old Black man, who was pulled over by police for an air freshener violation is ‘he should have complied,’ you don’t understand the fear that Daunte was likely feeling in his encounter with police 10 miles from the Derek Chauvin trial. And you also don’t understand that your question should be, ‘How could the police have apprehended him without killing him?’ Because a badge shouldn’t be a license to kill.” – Bernice King, April 12, 2021:. 


Welcome: Jessica welcomed all on the call and invited anyone new to introduce themselves. Two new members introduced themselves Nadia James from Wheaton and Ida Hagman who is a new PC invited by Marian Tomlinson.  


Approval of March Minutes:   Larry Pitts moved and Frank Merrit seconded the motion to approve the March Minutes without reading as they are available on the DPMT Website. The minutes were approved. 


Treasurer’s Report: James Rospond, Treasurer

March, 2021: In March, total receipts were $3,795. Total disbursements were $6,020 making the end of the month Balance $4,600.  Many contributed on behalf of the Milton Township slate of candidates. The largest contribution was $1,000. Paid membership currently stands at 87 people. Additional details can be found in the Treasurers. Report.


Memberships are $25 per year ($20 for members of the DuPage Democratic Party) or $45 for two years:  






*Sign Recycling: Drop old signs at the Tomlinson’s or Pitts’ front porches. Sheila Rutledge may also have a recycle event to announce later.—


*Adopt-A-Highway clean up: Wyatt Merrit, Outreach Officer, reported that the event has been postponed until May 1. Future volunteers may sign up on line 



Program: The Results of the Consolidated Election and What Comes Next!


Jessica Hierbaum gave a detailed overview of the outcome of the recent Milton Township, Village, and School Board elections. This included turnout, (low), feedback received from PCs on what happened, (robust), and what we need to work on (many good ideas). 


Dennis Terdy, presented how we will address the feedback by starting committees. There will be one each for 1.Membership and fund raising, 2.Outreach including diversity & inclusion, 3. Legislative Initiatives 4. Precinct Committee people. Call Dennis as to which committee you wish to be on.


Larry Pitts, presented an update on the Milton Township 708 Mental Health Board Referendum which passed with both Democratic and Republican support.  The next steps will be to form a Board of Directors.


Adjournment: Dennis Terdy moved and Judy Pitts seconded the motion to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.


Next meeting: The next meeting of the Democratic Party of Milton Township will be: Thursday, May 27 at 7:30pm. The format and Zoom link will be provided in the DPMT Newsletter.  


Submitted by Nancy Hopkins, Secretary