Democratic Party of Milton Townhip

Monthly Meeting

Thursday February 25, 2021

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 pm by Jessica Hierbaum, Chair. 


We convened as a Zoom meeting due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


Other Officers on the call:  James Rospond, Treasurer; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer, Garry Tomlinson and Marian Tomlinson, Larry Pitts, and Nancy Hopkins, Secretary.


Quote: Jessica opened the meeting at 7:30pm with this from Plato:

 “Mankind will never see an end of trouble until lovers of wisdom come to hold political power or the holders of political power become lovers of wisdom.”


Welcome: Jessica welcomed all on the call and invited anyone new to introduce themselves. None did. Candidates were asked to add their names and email addresses in the Chat.


Approval of Minutes: Dennis Terdy moved and Marian Tomlinson seconded the motion to approve the January Minutes without reading as they are available on the DPMT Website. The motion was approved by acclamation. 


Treasurer’s Report: James Rospond, Treasurer

January 2021: In January, receipts were $1,480 from 16 contributors, while the expenses were $48.61 in credit card processing costs.  The end balance in January was $5,096.

Annual Report 2020: The treasurer indicated that he thought it was an excellent year in that four quarterly reports were submitted on time and also because of early budget modifications to take Covid-19 fund raising restrictions into account, the expenditures closely followed the budget. There was an average of 83 paid memberships through the year plus a $1,200 contribution from the DuPage County Democrats organization to assist with Get-Out-The-Vote postcards and postage. The benefit of savings on room rental for meetings (as most meetings were virtual), meant that the primary expenditures were printing door hanger cards and tri-fold brochures in support of candidates. The year ended with a Balance of $3,665.  


Memberships are $25 per year or $45 for two years:  




Annual Report from the Chair: Jessica Hierbaum read her report

Major points: (The actual report is attached)

  • Covid-19 modifications: Canvassing was structured around the vote by mail schedule. Door hangers, and targeted mailing replaced much of person to person outreach.

  • The number of PC’s only dropped from103 to 99 and 5 new PC’s were recruited & trained.

  • There were two PC special elections with detailed Zoom procedures in place that succeeded with a majority turn-out!

  • On December 1st, a successful caucus was held at night in an outdoor parking lot that resulted in an almost full slate of candidates for Milton Township. A first--on many levels!

  • The Future: We hope to strengthen linkages to the Illinois State Legislature so we can understand Bills and better support our State Representatives. We have committed to expand our diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI). We have a continued focus on recruiting and training more PC’s.


Precinct Committee Person of the Year Award

Jessica presented Erica Bray-Parker with a certificate in honor of her outstanding efforts to get Democrats elected. Erica helped recruit Milton Township government candidates and is always the first one to be considered when there is a difficult task to perform. Congratulations Erica!


Operations Updates; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer

An important PC Forum will be held the evening of March 3, 2021 at 7:00 PM to discuss plans for distributing both pre-printed and PC printed handouts for the upcoming April 6th Consolidated Elections. A Zoom link will be emailed. Please do your best to be available for this important meeting! 


Nominations for March 2021 Officer Elections: Democratic Party of Milton Township

*The Committee consists of Gary Tomlinson, Judy Pitts and Dennis Terdy

*Gary Tomlinson read the committee’s recommended slate:  Bylaws allow 2 two-year terms for officers.  Therefore, the committee recommends Wyatt Merritt for the position of Outreach Officer; while all other officers to continue for a second term. Jessica Hierbaum, Chair; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer; James Rospond, Treasurer; Nancy Hopkins Secretary.  

*Nominations will also be open from the floor at the March 25th meeting.


Candidate Forum—April 6th Consolidated Election: Candidates of non-partisan races

Jessica welcomed all the candidates and thanked them for their time. All who are speaking tonight are in contested but non-partisan races. She drew names from a bowl to determine speaking order. Each was given two minutes to introduce themselves. Listed here in speaking order:


1.Chris Martelli--District 41 School Board  (

Currently Director of curriculum & Instruction who values non-cognitive factors and is used to working with various stakeholders. Wants to take a broad vision.


2.Andrew Manno—COD Board Trustee,  (

A lawyer teaching at John Marshall Law School who believes the Board needs more accountability to see student goals are achieved; and that stackable degrees are available with Certificate programs in a trade, nursing or law.


3.Anjali Bharadwa--CUSD 200 School Board  (

Currently, a parent of three and Co-President of Women in Technology for Chicago. She wants student progress and better communication with parents who don’t know how school is run. Her focus is on mental health, DEI, and has been active in Wheaton refugee and diversity programs.


4.Nick Howard—COD Board Trustee (

Although the Board is supposed to be non-partisan, it was treated in a partisan way in the past. Three candidates are working together “so just remember Don, Flo, and Nick”.


5.Tayyaba Syed—District 41 School Board (

Glendale Heights mom of 3 has been trying to bring diversity awareness since her son was bullied in elementary school; especially since 1/3rd of the population is minority. As a children’s author and free-lance journalist she is experienced in research and communication. She says she would bring diversity, collaborative effort and a listening ear to the Board.


6.Robert Anthony (Bob) Bruno—District 41 School Board (

Currently President of the District 41 School Board and Professor of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining. He sees the Public Schools as the wellspring of American democracy and has seen significant improvement in the District during his term of office. He would continue working on the issues already begun.


7.Mary Yeboah—CUSD 200 School Board  (,

As a teacher, she lived in Ghana; and now works in Wheaton College Grad School. As a mom of two Bi-racial daughters and two Black sons, she is familiar with diversity and would promote issues related to social and emotional learning as part of the School Board team.


8.Jason Loebach—District 41 School Board  (,

Currently a school board member, father of six, one with Down ’s Syndrome. He has contributed to board policy changes and knows that children can succeed. He is involved with the fundraising effort, Rock Your Socks, in downtown Glen Ellyn.


9.Judith Weinstock—District 87 School Board (

Current School Board President: Previously a teacher at Glenbard West; where she was awarded an Outstanding Educator Award. She started the Gay/Straight Alliance in the school and worked for equity and inclusion for transgender students. She worked hard to gain $5 Million for Covid-19 mitigation in the schools. She is on a slate “Glenbard Strong” with Bob Friend, Roy Avera and one new candidate Kermit Eby.  Their goals are fiscal responsibility, and DEI.


10.Florence (Flo) Appel—COD Trustee. (

As part of a slate of 3 with Nick and Don; believes in putting students first and honoring faculty by investing in them. She has been an educator and administrator for 32 years. COD is a valuable resource for the 6th District but the whole county is their district. She has been a PC in York Township. She has a link to request lawn signs.


11.Brad Paulsen—CUSD 200 School Board (

Currently President of this School Board.  He is a licensed architect who often works on schools. Many of this district’s schools have remained open. He is knowledgeable about superintendent’s and teacher contracts as well as equity work-plans. He plans to take advantage of what they have learned this year.


12.Rob Hanlon—CUSD 200 School District (

Notes he is one of 10 candidates for 4 open seats. His two questions are 1.) Do we follow the guidance of scientists? And 2.) After Covid, what’s the plan? His view: Get kids re-connected, identify kids who need help getting on track; keep the district financially strong, keep up equity work, treat teachers as an asset-not the enemy.


13.Robert Friend—District 87 School Board (

A 40 year resident of Lombard and a School Board member since 2009. He has been involved in school building renovation He has been named a Distinguished Fellow of the School Board Association. And was named Lombard Man of the Year last year.


  1. Don Potoczny—COD Trustee (

Running on a slate with Flo and Nick for 3 seats against a total of 8 candidates. Says he worked a lifetime for democratic values. Is a retired US military officer. Currently an administrator at a school in Little Village and lives in Naperville.


15.Kermit Eby—District 87 School Board (

Calls himself the new guy in the Glenbard Strong slate. Now retired he was a teacher for 40 years; most recently at Naperville North where he taught Social Studies. His kids were in the Lombard Public Schools. He has been active in Black Lives Matter protests and sees the need for Unity, Diversity, and Inclusion with equity.


Closing comments highlighted the importance of each vote in local elections. The date of the next meeting was announced with a reminder to watch for the information on the PC Forum.


Adjournment: After Jessica thanked the candidates for taking the time to introduce themselves, she asked for a motion to adjourn. Larry Pitts moved and Dennis Terdy seconded the motion to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Next meeting: The next meeting of the Democratic Party of Milton Township will be: Thursday, March 25th at 7:30pm. The format and Zoom link will be provided in the DPMT Newsletter.  


Submitted by Nancy Hopkins, Secretary

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