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Democratic Party of Milton Township

Monthly Meeting

September 22, 2022


Meeting Called to Order at 7:32 pm by Jessica Hierbaum, Chair. 


We convened as an in person meeting at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society,


Other Officers at the meeting:  James Rospond, Treasurer; Dennis Terdy, Operations Officer; Wyatt Merritt, Outreach Officer; and Steve Siemer, Secretary.


Quote: Jessica opened with this quote from  Nicole Lyons, poet

“She will rise. With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise.”


Welcome: Jessica welcomed all and invited anyone new to introduce themselves. 

  • Shawna Martell from Wheaton introduced herself


Approval of August Minutes: Erica Bray-Parker moved and Jeff Gahris seconded the motion to approve the August Minutes without reading as they are available on the DPMT Website. The minutes were approved. 


Treasurer’s Report: James Rospond, Treasurer presented the August Treasurer’s report.

In August, total receipts were $448. Total disbursements were $1,149 making the end of the month balance $5,616. Details on the DPMT site.         

Paid membership currently stands at 120 active members. 


Memberships are $25 per year ($20 for members of the DuPage Democratic Party) or $45 for two years:  


New Business

Operations Update - Dennis Terdy

  • Canvassing

    • 2 canvasses before the election

      • First before 9/28 when early voting begins

      • Second between mid October and election date

  • Canvassers needed for Lit Drops

  • Signs, Signs, Signs

    • We have them for most candidates

    • Distribute as many as you can in your precincts

  • Candidate Open House, October 18th, 7:00 pm, Glen Ellyn Historical Society



Workers’ Rights Amendment – Speaker: Josh Weger – amendment advocate

  • Review of the Workers Rights Amendment on the November ballot

  • Its Importance to codify and protect workers rights in the state of Illinois regardless of state government administrations


Adjournment: Dennis Terdy moved and Marian Tomlinson seconded the motion to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Next meeting: The next meeting of the Democratic Party of Milton Township will be on Thursday,  October 27th at 7:30pm at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society, 800 N. Main St. in Glen Ellyn.


Join the Democratic Party of Milton Township.  Annual dues $25 ($20 for members of the DuPage Democratic Party. Join at



Submitted by Steve Siemer, Secretary

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